Different Fields Of The Dentists

The term dentist is derived from the original word dentiste which is originally a Latin or French word and its meaning is tooth. However, the study of the teeth is known as the odontology.  There are different fields even in the odontology where the dentist Vermont can work. There are total nine fields. First field is the orthodontists, the dentist in this field deals with the straightening of teeth. Many individuals face this problem and in order to straighten up their teeth the dentists apply braces. The time period of these braces varies from person to person. It could vary from months to years. The next field is the oral and maxillofacial. The dentists in this field performs surgeries commonly related to the jaws, gums, teeth and often also involves neck and head. Then there are pediatric dentists, periodontists, prosthodontists, endodontists and oral pathologists. Along with these there are specialties in the field of dental public health and as well as the oral and maxillofacial radiologists. All of these dentists have different responsibilities and specialization areas where they work. But all of these work to promote the better dental and oral health.

Most of the people think that the dentist is the person who has only expertise in the teeth, jaws, gums and mouth problems. But this is not the case. The dentist also deals with the problem that could be related to the mouth such as neck and jaw, tongue and glands that produce saliva.  In their examination of patient’s mouth for the diagnosis of the disease, they also undergo the examination of any infection caused by it.

The work environment of the dentist may involve various considerations since the work is indoor, they need to wear protective clothes as well as the glasses and the masks. Not only it protects the dentist from any sort of infection caused by the disease of the patient but also protects them from different radiations during the x rays and other radiology procedures. The dentist could work a part time or full-time job. It’s the choice of the dentist to work in his own clinic or work under others in multiple clinic. The work hours of the dentist in Camberwell also vary. Along with the various certifications and medical degrees the dentist must have good communication skills so that he could talk easily with the patient and could easily know about their actual problems. He must be aware of the usage of many tools that are utilized in the dentistry and must be very good at management.