What Are The Reasons That Doctors Suggest IVF?

The issue that couples face after their marriage is the issue of infertility. Manu couples don’t give real attention to this problem as this is not only thing that has been left in their life. Having kids is an ultimate wish of everyone but couples who has issues related to infertility go for other option like adopting a child etc. So, they never think about it much. 

On the other hand, there are couples who wants to have their own baby. They want to experience the journey of pregnancy and want to share and experience each moment of pregnancy. So, they go to the doctors and search for different treatments. Usually, doctors refer them to go for IVF.  Even though, ivf doesn’t yield 100% results but they want to avail this chance as well. 

These days, the treatments through acupuncture has been so trendy. The results are comparatively higher than the normal treatments. People go for ivf acupuncture and acupuncture for fertility Melbourne

The Issues: 

When a couple have certain issues then doctors suggested them to opt for IVF. Following are the issues that can easily be treated with the acupuncture therapy. 

  • PCOS: 

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is common among women. Every third women have been a victim of this disease. There are many other issues related to PCOS like hair fall, hair growth on face, weight gain etc.  

  • Low Sperm Count: 

A man become so weak when he comes to know that he has low sperm count and he is unable to make a baby naturally. Low sperm count means that a man has low active sperm in semen which doesn’t reach to the desired destination in order to produce babies. They die in between before meeting to the egg. Also, if the shape of the sperm is not right then it also causes issues in making babies. 

  • Blocked Tubes: 

When a woman has a blocked tube then it doesn’t allow the sperm to reach to the ovaries and meet eggs. We need to go for a surgery in order to open the tubes but acupuncture can unblock the tubes and treat the issue of infertility and IVF. If you are interested about Melbourne remedial massage you can visit https://www.cityhealthmelbourne.com.au/our-services/remedial-massage/.

  • Weak Eggs: 

When a woman has a weak or immature egg then doctors suggest them to go for IVF. They produce multiple matured eggs through medicines and then diffuse those eggs with the strong sperms of a male. The diffusion takes place in a laboratory and then it finally places in the ovaries. 

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