Alternate Medication For Allergies

In a world dominated by pills and syrups (trappings of Western medication), it is a terrible thing if your body is allergic to it. Yet it happens every day; there are plenty of reports about people whose conditions worsen after being given medicine that they are allergic to. Little children are the most at risk because they haven’t been as exposed to medicines as adults and do not yet know which medicines they are allergic to. So it’s mostly trial and error. There is no way of figuring out earlier whether or not someone is allergic to a prescribed medicine until they take it.
Having said that, there are lots of alternatives to these pills and syrups; these alternatives may save your life if you are allergic to something that the doctor prescribes.

Mix ‘Em Up
Find a that sells medicines that are mixed up or compounded. These are licensed pharmacists who will take your prescribed drug and either mix you a customized drug that is compatible with your body (and is the same as what was prescribed originally) or will give you alternate drugs. They take the important elements of the pill or capsule you were prescribed and will add things like sugar, honey or even more vitamins to make it more palatable. Be careful when you seek them out however as meddling with medicines can lead to fatal results. Always be certain that they have the necessary certification before you hand them your prescription.

Alternate Healing
If you can’t find a compound chemist Mount eliza for your needs then you can look into alternate healing. While not counted as “science” it has been reported to cure a number of maladies. Ayurveda healing is something that has been prevalent in the South Asian countries for centuries prior to the evolution of Western medication and was very successful; Chinese acupressure and acupuncture have also existed for hundreds of years and has been used in everything from immobilizing a patient for surgery to pain relief; and homeopathy was revived recently for its organic, back-to-nature approach that condemns the use of harmful pesticides in the production of food.

Something Else, Please
Of course the simplest course would be to ask the doctor to prescribe something else. With all the varieties of medicine out there, it’s quite possible that the doctor can find something to suit your needs. In many cases, it is not the medicine itself that you are allergic to, it’s some supplement in the medicine. So if you find yourself facing allergies, either tell your doctor to change the medication, look for alternate healing systems or find a pharmacist who will ‘remix’ the medicines for